Together, we make Change!

Do you like to live surrounded by heaps and heaps of unattended Kachra? Have you learned to live in the stinking filth and now your children are used to it too? Is your household one of 30% in India from whom kachra is not collected by the municipality?

(According to a report called ‘Status Report on Municipal Solid Waste Management’ on the website of  Central Pollution Control Board, the apex body dealing with pollution in India, 1,27,486 tons per day (TPD) municipal solid waste (MSW was generated in 2011-12, out of which 89,334 TPD of MSW was collected and 15,881 TPD processed or treated. That means, 30% of the waste was not collected and 87.55% of waste was dumped untreated).

Are you tired of all the newspaper articles and television shows that talk, talk, talk about Kachra but do little else? Tired of political promises to clean up the city that are never delivered? We know of the problem, we see it, smell it everyday, yet we wait for our civic bodies to take action? Perhaps its time to be the CHANGE we want to see!

The Kachra Project is an attempt to bring all the stakeholders of garbage and waste management under one roof in order to channelize all projects and create the change together!

Each one of us can make a difference, Together we make change.” – Barbara Mikulski

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