This Swades song parody sends a great message on Independence Day

August has slowly become the month of insightful short films, rap songs and parodies with meaningful messages. We found yet another song with something similar. Shudh Desi Gaane is a you tube channel that parodies bollywood song. This Independence day, they have released parody song of Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera  from the Shah Rukh Khan starring  2004 film Swades

The critically acclaimed film was about a non-resident Indian scientists’ return to his home village in India in search of his nanny. This is his first interaction with India and the film has interesting characters with their own set of dreams. He seem himself from their eyes and becomes their eyes  to connect to the developed world. He realizes the social problems and the ignorance that plagues the villagers’ life, making them his own.

With this fascinating satire, the makers are able to expose the very real issues of India. In the parody, the protagonist (who’s superb in the video by the way) is seen worrying about issues of open defecation, sewage, waste disposal and management, public urination, spitting, littering, water logging, potholes, corruption, taxation, price rise and also poverty that still torments us in 2015.

Celebrating your country’s Independence Day is every citizen’s right. We have a few recommendations:

  • Avoid buying plastic flags of India. They would eventually end up dirtying the cities and ending up either burned or clogging drains.
  • If you fly kites, please make sure the kite thread you use is not the nylon/metallic yarn that is too hard to break and kills hundreds of birds and endanger life of dogs, cows and even us every year. Besides, it is banned in most parts of the country due to it’s environmental effects. See this link for more details.
  • Pledge to not litter our streets and public places. One step at a time will do a long way. (Check out our humorous wastetiquette memes for inspiration.)
  • Remember, segregating waste reduces the burden on our extinguishing landfills by almost half.

Before we forget, have a very proud Independence Day.

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