Mumbai’s waste management system needs to be improved, admits Prakash Javadekar

Mumbai’s waste management system needs to be improved, admits Prakash Javadekar

Noting that around 10,000 tons of waste was generated in Mumbai daily, Javadekar said he had visited the three dumping sites. “Only 15-20% of this waste is segregated and that too is done by the informal sector, ie ragpickers… at the dumping sites. This situation is not good,” he admitted. Read more >>>

Rag pickers to be recognised with national award

Rag pickers’ services will be recognised by the government, which has decided to give national award with a cash prize of Rs 1.5 lakh. The award will be given to three best rag pickers and three associations involved in innovation of best practices. The award was recently announced by Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said at an event on waste management. Read more >>>

 Modi Govt comes up with rules on construction waste management

Traffic congestion caused by deposition of construction debris on roadsides may invite trouble in future as new draft rules on construction and demolition waste proposed by the government mandates every waste generator to ensure that there is no “littering”.

The draft Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules 2015 proposed by the Environment Ministry also says that the waste generator will have to submit a construction and demolition waste management plan to the urban local bodies. Read more >>>

Hyderabad city to get 4 more dumpyards

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will setup three more Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Projects (IMSWMP) and four more dumpyards in the city. The IMSWMPs will be in addition to the project at Chinnaravulapally plant in Bibinagar. Read more >>>

Garbage heaps pose threat of spread of viral infections in Kanpur

After onset of monsoon, the city is reeling under the problem of not just waterlogging but also of stinking garbage heaps in every almost every locality posing grave health threat to the locals here. Heaps of polythene and garbage is a common sight on roadsides in the city. Be it the posh colonies of Swaroop Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Kakadeo area or areas like Fazalganj, Rawatpur, garbage heaps can be seen in almost every area. Read more >>>

Private companies to handle garbage soon in Aurangabad

The civic body is all set to give Satara-Devlai area’s solid waste management system in private hands after it failed to take care of the system on its own. The municipal authorities are in the process of finalizing the tender.  Read more >>>

Vadodara Municipal Corporation begins distribution of household dustbins

VMC had come up with a tender to procure 10 lakh dustbins and distribute them to citizens. All citizens who have paid their property tax are eligible to collect the dustbins by furnishing the receipt of the tax paid for the year 2015-16. Each household will be provided two dustbins by the civic body – one green and one red. The citizens have been requested to collect kitchen waste in the green dustbin and dry waste in the red one. The idea has been taken up to encourage segregation of waste at source. Such dustbins will be given only on tax receipt for residential properties and not any other type of properties. Read more >>>

AG exposes irregularities in waste management project in Nagpur

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has faced severe criticism and also incurred huge financial losses due to failure of Hanjer Biotech Energies Private Ltd in operating and maintaining the solid waste treatment plant, which also led to environment pollution. Still, the civic body passed on various emoluments to the private operator. One of the major irregularities is about failure to recover penalty levied on the operator. Read more >>>

Featured Image: Rohit Sharma| The Kachra Project

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