Learn waste segregation at home the 2Bin1Bag way

We have constantly repeated how critical waste segregation at home is to reduce the burden on our landfills. As much as 80% waste generated at source can be reduced by putting a system of waste segregation in place. That is why, we have brought together experts from 2Bin1Bag. in to have a session on waste segregation at home.

A voluntary organization, 2Bin1Bag tried and tested various systems of segregation for 3 years before finally deciding on 2Bin and 1 Bag system. They have so far converted 1 lakh Bangaloreans into waste segregators at home. They are now on a road to taking this system forward to 10 lakh people in Bangalore.

They believe that segregation at source is the only way to manage waste at home and here is where two bins and a bag comes into picture. The ease of the formula and the way it instantly cuts down on plastic bags and the need for landfills to accommodate them has made it a resounding success. The colour coded system makes it uniform and effortless to follow. Following the best practices listed, this can be rolled out anywhere in a very short time.

From a small citizen initiative, it has grown into a movement encompassing the whole city. Swachh Bharat can really be achieved only when each one of us takes charge of the waste we generate. Be a part of the dream to transform our country!

Meet our panelists from Solid Waste Management Round Table, Bengaluru also leading 2bin1bag.in initiative:


Malini ParmarAlumini of DCE, Delhi and IIM Kolkatta, she has Global IT work experience spanning 25 countries and 17 years. She has also held the CMO, CSO and CSR head roles in IT and BPO companies. She is in the process of starting her social enterprise Stonesoup.in. She has been volunteering for responsible waste management since 2011. She is part of Kasa Muktha Bellandur and an active volunteer in the 2bin1bag campaign. She is also passionate about promoting meditation and adoption.


Archana Kashyap

Global Techie Manager and the driver of 2bin1bag social media, Archana is a computer science engineer with about a decade of healthcare industry experience. She is an active leader of Kasa Muktha Bellandur and the 2bin1bag initiatives. She believes in team work and expanding the SWM circle of warriors. She was instrumental in creating the website www.2bin1bag.in , in order to make Solid Waste Management a simple and sustainable process.

Here are few questions we would be addressing through the video conversation.

1. Why should one segregate waste at home?

2. Recommended method of segregation (we can talk about 2bin1Bag model).

3. How to manage sanitary waste such an diapers, sanitary napkins, tissues etc ?

4. Why segregate e-waste, metal, plastic waste and how should these be handled?

5. Avoiding black plastic garbage bags used on dustbins

6. Dealing with small candy and chocolate wrappers, gift papers, greeting cards etc.

7. How do you handle celebrations and festivals without trashing the environment.

8. Importance of composting and an introduction to doing composting at home.

The video event will go live at 10:30 AM, Monday 31st August.

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