How to dispose off used shaving blades?

Fact: Most homes built before 80’s had a blade disposal slot embedded, in their medicine cabinets in the bathroom.

So, this usually is the ideal (and safest) method to follow, just drop hundreds of thousands of blades in the slot. But maybe a problem some 100-200 years down the line. But on the bright side, you’ll be able to recycle such a high quantity of stainless steel down the line. CAUTION: Remember to notify the homeowners about the blades behind the wall.

Blade Banks:

Usually made of hard material like stainless steel, tin or even hard plastic. You can buy one of these

Runs about 7$ on Amazon, and if you’re from India, it’s high unlikely you’ll be able to get this for cheap. Hence,

Make your own blade bank:

1. Get a can made of hard to piece material such as Steel or hard plastic. A coffee can, beverage or beer can made  of aluminium or tin are a good option.

2. Wash the insides (optionally to prevent nasty smells + blades can become clogged up).

3. Seal it, by either super glue or just tape it down (to prevent kids and animals from getting the dangerous and “FUN” razors inside.)

4. Put a slit just slightly larger than your blade using a knife or other tool (make sure you don’t make it too small or too large).

These blade banks can go as part of the recyclable metal waste but be careful, the blades should be tightly packed and not injure a waste worker in the process.

The other way:
Though not exactly the safest, you can break your double edge razor in half (after putting it back in the wax paper it came in), bind the paper in or cardboard thoroughly with tape and then put it in trash. It will go as part of reject (toilet) waste.

And finally:

Reduce your razor blade waste by using reusable or cartridge blades. You can shift to electric razors which have a lower carbon footprint than disposable ones.

Happy shaving!

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