Can data help make toilets more accessible? We asked on World Toilet Day

From this conversation, key takeaways that need to be taken forward:

  1. Data can help track, audit, maintain public toilets and can also assist in planning construction of new names in areas lacking them.
  2. There is no international standard to audit a toilet. Isn’t it time we had one, at least in India?
  3. Cleanliness, access by all and safe for all came out as the most important indicators to design and also decide locations of public toilets.
  4. Toilets maintained by public authorities are generally the dirtiest. Those privately maintained (e.g. in malls, restaurants) are generally cleaner.
  5. We need to also think about the transgender people and those with disabilities to ensure that public toilets are inclusive.
  6. Government, non-profits and the public must join hands for access to public toilets becomes a reality

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