About Us

कचरा (“garbage” in English) is a quintessential component of every street and corner in India. Our cities and towns overflowing with garbage (and its stink) has become synonymous to the Indian way of life. What’s worse is that we have stopped recognizing this as a problem. We shrug at its sight and move on. Except when that strain of bacteria or virus breaks out. Except that we are gradually losing our breaths and turning into a store-house of multiple infections. Then, we worry and complain.

With India becoming more and more replete with stark contrasts – on one hand the unattended heaps of decaying garbage and on another, continuing overload of swanky automobiles – we thought it’s time for a blowing horn to scream out loud for changeThe Kachra Project is an attempt to be that horn and beyond. Beyond being the totality of what we do (or at least wish to do).

The Kachra Project is a social movement to bring awareness among the people of India, bring all stakeholders of the garbage and waste management sectors together and to push for policy change.  Warn yourself – TKP is not for the frail-hearted! But if you are the kind who is tired of India’s Kachra condition, The Kachra Project will be your paradise.

The Kachra Project stands on a simple premise – when it comes to Kachra, no single solution is the answer. We, therefore, aim to bring all stakeholders of Kachra – industry experts, governments, general public,not-for-profit organizations, businesses, innovators etc – on a single platform. By employing simple ICT tools, social media, ground activism and data collection, images and video stories; we aim towards enhancing urban governance, promote community mobilization and push people to make informed decisions with respect to garbage and sanitation issues.

help solve people’s garbage woes for a better individual and environmental health

From bringing to you all the happenings in the waste sector, to the best of technological innovations and simple hacks, to raising important questions and bringing expert insights; when it comes to Kachra, we will be the one to stand with you.